Episode 3: Movie Buff as Fuck

In this episode the Gentlemen discuss the prophetic writers of the Simpsons, Black officials and celebrities out of touch with the "culture" (coons), Micheal Jordan, Trump ruining the world, Media spin, the Rocky Movies, the scientific phenomenon of the uncanny valley, John Wick review (spoiler free, don't worry.), the lack of any black coming of age movies, Joe budden and other underrated  and overlooked rappers, Boxing... what the fuck happened? Best side scroller and fighting games, soundcloud rappers with boomboxes in public, what would you tell your younger self?, Senator Chang's work with children, lending money to friends, Oaklanthology explains Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Time Barbarians and much much more. Please like and subscribe on iTunes or we'll sell your children into sexual slavery! Pinkies up!