Episode 4: Fashionable Yoga Pants

In this episode the Gentlemen discuss Shether, recall the stories behind the greatest beefs in Hip hop history, being a music and clothing consumer before the internet, Kanye's terrible clothing line, Ace "Tycoon" Boone wearing men's yoga pants being hella comfortable, hot shoe companies that fell beneath the sword of nike, the History of the Jordan shoe and it's huge impact on urban communities, NBA all-star game, Plans to hit up COMIC CONS, possibly leaving the US, best places to live, Sons of Anarchy show review (and it's shitty third season), forgotten 80's Cartoons, Jaden Smith possibly becoming the next Maya Angelou, best albums to smash (have sex) to, the squirting phenomenon and how it turned Johnnie Dynamite into a Gorilla Pimp, Drugging women, serial catfishers, SEX TALK, Celebrity childhood crushes, and much much more. Remember to like and subscibe to our podcast on iTunes or we'll drug your food and fist your butt.