Episode 5: Stand Up Wrestler

In this episode the fellas explain the delay between podcasts and swear to never miss a podcast again (until next time), ATL Orgy and black twitter in general, Connor McGregor  vs Floyd Mayweather, Johnnie Dynamite vs Sylvester Stallone... fighting in general. They revisit the Nicki Minaj/ Remy Ma beef and where the legacy of female rappers. Top 5 rappers of all time, Top five stand up comedians, Get Out review (spoilers galore), Marvel's recent trailer sneak peeks (Guardians and some other shit), Space ghost Coast to Coast, Oaklanthology doing edibles at the cinema, Tim Burton's career, Top 5 most hated Celebrities, Serious Politics rants, personal lives and much much more. Don't forget to subscribe and like us on iTunes or we'll shit make you eat shit. Pinkies up!